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Jojo - Bake A Wish

Ms. JoJo is a royal icing cookie instructor certified by Japan Salonaise Association. She started up with “Bake A Wish Sugar Art Studio” after she has been certified by the USA’s Wilton Certified Instructor in 2017.
She firmly believes that if she maintains a passion for baking and decorative arts, she can make the BEST bakings.
Ms. JoJo trusted that with her profession in teaching, students will able to learn the right skills for cake decorating and to help those who want to achieve their DREAMS in baking.

JoJo 老师是 Japan Salonaise Association认证的糖霜导师,自2017年考获美国Wilton Certified Instructor 后,开办了Bake A Wish Sugar Art Studio教室,从此踏上了教学之路。她坚信只要对烘焙与装饰艺术保持一颗热诚的心,一定可以做出让人感动的作品。JoJo老师以她专业的教学方式,传授正确的技巧给每一位喜欢蛋糕装饰的学生,让大家可以完成他们的蛋糕梦想!


 Bake A Wish Sugar Art Studio
 Kuching, Sarawak Borneo

 USA Wilton Method Instructor
 Japan JSA Certified Royal Icing Instructor
 UK PME Certified Instructor
 Korea KDCAA Master Instructor

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